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Fitness can be loaded with fun, energy and excitement when progress is being made and we feel as if we have everything under control. However, it can be quite depressing when we aren’t getting the results we wished for, or even feel we DESERVE. At times, it can even be confusing as there are so many options and choices we have to make on a day-to-day basis.

Take a step back! You’ve got this…

It’s simple, really.

Do what you LIKE to do. Let’s face it. If you HATE a certain exercise it requires more energy and motivation to force yourself to do that exercise (if you even get to this point) and the likelihood of you sticking to it is nil. There are so many variations and forms of exercises that mimic what you are probably trying to accomplish. Don’t just trudge through your workouts; we are forced to do enough stuff we don’t necessarily want to do in life. Have fun with your workouts and you’ll be more likely to be successful and reach your goals!

Ok, now FOOD. The word itself makes me :)

Keep it simple, literally. If the item has more than ten ingredients put it back on the shelf. We are not meant to eat over-processed chemical concoctions. Our bodies cannot process them and they then get stored as “junk in the trunk” or the “spare tire” we all love so much. Foods like lean meat, oatmeal, healthy pre and post workout bars, nuts, vegetables, and fruits are all great options. The internet is loaded with recipes that are healthy, quick and creative – utilize your resources. Make a choice, a healthy one and if you slip up at least ENJOY the delicious mistake and then make a decision to get back on track!


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